Princeton University Art Museum - Mosaics Assessment—Private

Princeton, NJ

In preparation for the reconstruction of the Princeton University Museum of Art, EverGreene Architectural Arts (EverGreene) conservators assessed the condition of Roman period mosaics from Antioch. The stone mosaics had been collected during archaeological excavations in the 1930’s and mounted on concrete and steel backings before being hung on the walls of the Museum’s library. Conservators inspected and documented each to ensure their stability and capacity to survive vibration and impacts from the planned adjacent demolition and construction of a new Art Museum building. To best protect the mosaics during demolition and construction, it was determined that they should be taken down and placed in the Marquand Library basement storage facility. Using a combination of gantries, slings, and a genie lift, EverGreene staff carefully removed all the mosaics and placed them in specially designed crates. The crates were equipped with monitoring devices, which ensured that the environmental conditions surrounding the mosaics remained stable. The mosaics will remain in monitored storage until reinstallation, after the completion of the new Art Museum in 2024.