Collections Care

Caring for small- and large-scale collections, whether they are outdoor public art, historic structures sculptures and monuments, or indoor museum collections is a complex task. Understanding the diverse requirements for display, handling, storage, and maintenance requires assessing the collection from many different angles.

Our experience working with a variety of museums, institutional, federal, and private clients to develop standards and guidelines for the treatment and maintenance for their buildings, artworks, and collections is extensive. Our goal is to understand each object or structure within the context of the whole, detailed documentation and historical research with testing and analysis (as needed), and recommendations for treatments based on immediate, short- or long-term needs. We work with clients to align the recommended treatments and maintenance within their every client’s budget and priorities.

Through assessments and recommendations, our conservators provide in clear and comprehensive reports and forms, enable managers and key stakeholders to plan, schedule, budget, track and record conditions and treatments over time to ensure a sustainable institutional knowledge for their collections.