Reception Mural—Macao

Macao, China

EverGreene was chosen to create a unique design for the reception desk at a leading hotel in Macao, China. The narrative of the mural deals with the ancient art of celestial navigation and finding one’s location by star-gazing. Abstract motifs from navigational tools like astrolabes and armillary spheres appear in the mural and bisect each other. The motif of the zodiac and its constellations refer to the original use of the zodiac, which was for astronomical navigation, and explorers of the past using the sun’s position in the sky during the solstices and equinoxes to find their way. Gold leaf accents and glazed colors create a lush and textured old-world feel.

Our design was inspired by the art deco style and influenced by the mural that lines the ceiling of the Empire State Building. It combines a metallic leaf background overlaid with foreground elements rendered in gold leaf, glazes, and paint. The mural was hand-painted in-studio and gilded on canvas using a variety of techniques and shipped from New York to Macao for installation.