Salt Lake City Tabernacle—Private

Salt Lake City , UT

Construction of The Salt Lake Tabernacle was completed in 1867.  The ceiling of the Salt Lake Tabernacle is a plaster and lath construction supported by wood framing at the underside of the roof construction. Over the years, some interventions were done to cover the effects of the natural aging process; others were made to modernize the building and meet the needs of an increasing congregation. At this point in time, the sum of these now compounds the many problems.

EverGreene was hired very early in the design-build process by FFKR Architecture in 2004 to perform specifications consulting, testing, and mock-ups, while their seismic upgrading project was taking place.  We conducted an onsite conditions survey, which included:

  • Investigation of the structural integrity of the ceiling
  • Identification of any existing pathologies
  • Plaster analysis
  • Paint analysis

We also researched and evaluated applicable methods, materials, and options for performing the proposed scope of plaster and paint restoration, including:

  • Paint removal
  • Re-design of supports of the plaster to the structure above and the consequent re-hanging of the ceiling
  • Plaster stabilization and repairs
  • Re-coating of the ceiling
  • Logistical concerns, budgets, and schedules for implementation of recommended treatments

On-site testing and mockups were necessary to determine the most effective treatments and/or to demonstrate the range of practical options.  Based on the findings of this report, our team provided recommended methods and materials to complete the project, and then they were chosen to execute it.

The ultimate goal was to salvage as much of the historic fabric as possible and return the Salt Lake Tabernacle to its original state through a serviceable and durable restoration. The scope of work was largely plaster restoration and consolidation, but also involved decorative finishes. There was a significant wood-graining component, marbelizing, and the gilding of the organ pipes.