Sandusky State Theatre

Sandusky, OH

The Sandusky State Theatre, originally known as the Schine State Theatre, opened in 1928 in downtown Sandusky, Ohio. The theater was built by William F. Seitz, a local tailor with the dream of owning his own theatre, and Junius Myer Schine, a New York theater and hotel magnate. The Beaux Arts/Classical Revival design was created by Dutch architect Peter Hulsken.

On June 10, 2020 a storm hit Sandusky, causing the roof to be blown off the building and the auditorium ceiling to collapse. The stage, some of the seating areas, and many of the refined decorative finishes were destroyed. The consecutive large-scale restoration did not only include the repairs of the theatre, but also its expansion and improvement.

EverGreene worked hand-in-hand with the architect, contractor, and engineering team to replicate and restore the extensively damaged plaster ornamentation and decorative finishes, and provided new designs for various architectural features within the auditorium and grand lobby. A large amount of ornamental plaster features were molded, cast, and sculpted on-site to repair the damage or recreate areas of complete destruction and loss. These included the cornice, perimeter cove, ceiling beams, proscenium elements, columns and capitals, and decorative plaster ornamentation flanking the murals. In addition, the acoustic plaster and various areas of flat plaster in the vomitoriums and general auditorium were repaired.

After the plasterwork implementation, decorative painting, murals, and specialty finishes were applied to walls, ceilings, and six new fountains. Hand-painted and stenciled designs, a gilded dome, and newly created murals replaced the damaged historic ones. Two murals on each side of the stage, depict beautiful landscapes during the four seasons, while a large ceiling mural in front of the stage portrays a sunny, cloud filled sky. The new murals were designed and hand-painted in our Brooklyn Studio and then installed on site, allowing the theater to shine today in its the original glory.