Our Design Studio guides your project from conceptualization to implementation, staying on track with schedule and budget while achieving desired outcomes. As a single-source provider, our designers and artists directly collaborate with our knowledgeable conservators, allowing science to be woven into initial stages of project planning through investigation and historic research.

Investigation, Testing & Analysis
For historic buildings that have undergone renovations or modernizations, a survey and historic finishes investigations is often the starting point that will help us understand the original color palette and ornament. Revealing hidden art and decorative motifs can inform the direction of new design campaigns, so deliverables may include an illustrated report of findings that can act as a reference.

Concept Design
It’s about your vision to tell your story. Our artists and craftspeople develop art, architectural ornament, and sculpture in line with the overall design vision. We produce sketches and samples, provide estimates, and advise on design. Collaboratively, we create concepts for complex architectural elements such as domes and integrated architectural spaces. These conceptual designs are made in a variety of formats from 3D digital renders and traditional watercolor renderings.

Many projects involve work in our Brooklyn-based Mural, Design and Plaster Studios as well as onsite. We strive for efficiencies that allow us to execute design elements—replicated ornament, murals, plaster—while concurrently working in the field. By reducing time on-site, scaffold rental time is limited, which maximizes project budgets. In the studio, artists will fabricate stencils, plaster ornament, murals on canvas, and other specialty finishes. In the field, an experienced foreman will lead a crew of skilled craftsmen to complete your project.