St. Catharine's

Spring Lake, NJ

Saint Catharine’s Church, built in 1901-1902 in the Beaux Arts style of Italian Renaissance classicism, is a gem of sacred art and architecture with impressive artwork and painted decoration. Gonippo Raggi, an accomplished artist and church decorator, painted the majority of the murals between 1904 and 1928. Raggi collaborated with Chicago-based Celtic artist Thomas A. O’Shaugnessy on three murals with Irish themes. Several different schemes of modifications to the interior decoration, of varied quality, took place over the years.

EverGreene was commissioned to plan and perform the restoration of the historic finishes and plaster, conservation of murals, and restoration of decorative painting. The primary objective was to reinstate the original decorative colors and design intent of St. Catherine’s to the target date of 1928, when the original decorative scheme was completed.