St. Mary's Church, Aspen

Aspen, CO

St. Mary’s (1892) is a pioneer church in downtown Aspen. It was never elaborately decorated but its architecture had become discordant over time due to insensitive post-historic painting campaigns rendering the ceiling and sanctuary vast and monolithic.

EverGreene collaborated closely with Integrated Design Group and Charles Cunniff Architects to create a new harmonious liturgical artistry program with opportunities within the architecture to introduce theological meditations. The renewal design process was implemented through a three-phase development to create a new liturgical artistry program. Notable elements include a new color palette, Communion of the Saints frieze in the sanctuary, and new pulpit and priest chair.

EverGreene painted and printed the new mural and decorative paintings on canvas in our Brooklyn Design Studio. Painting elements included the upper wall stars, arch surrounds, and faux bois ceiling beams, executed onsite. The plaster studio fabricated the Blessed Virgin Mary and Joseph frames, frieze, and cornice.

Conservators, painters, and a sculptor installed and finished new furnishings and sculptures as well as restored the existing.