St. Peter's Church Gilded Cross

New York, NY

St Peter’s, the first Roman Catholic parish in New York, was established in 1785 on the site it now occupies, predating the first Bishopric in the United States, founded in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1789. The original church was built only two years after the end of the American Revolution. Old St Peter’s Church was at that time used for worship until 1836 when a portion of the ceiling gave way and the parish made plans to build a new and larger place of worship to accommodate the growing flock. Today, St Peter’s Church has embraced a new role as a center for a growing residential Catholic community in Lower Manhattan, TriBeca and Battery Park City.

Our team was commissioned to gild a newly fabricated cross with 23.75K, 16 gram gold leaf for St. Peter’s Church in Manhattan in our Brooklyn Studio, and then crated for delivery to be installed at the top of the church.  It took men from our office to safely transport the cross from our studio to the delivery vehicle and we are proud to see the gilded cross standing securely tall and shiny at the top of the parish.