St. Pius X Parish

Granger, IN

St. Pius X Parish (2017) was part of a growing Roman Catholic community near Granger, IN needed to expand to accommodate their congregation. They took the opportunity to build a grand church (that could seat up to 1,300!) with an extensive liturgical artistry program full of invitations to catechetical inquiry and prayer aimed at the students at the parish’s school as well as adults.

EverGreene worked closely with Alliance Architects, William Heyer Architects, Father Bill Schooler, and parish committee in the preconstruction phase to consult on color selection for permanent elements and to develop a scope of work that embodied the expansive vision for the church interior and fit within the construction budget.

Design work began by meeting with the committee and architects, studying the architecture of the building, and researching the ecclesiastical precedent of Lombardy, St. Pius’ home. Designs were then developed in color and painted by EverGreene’s skilled team of in-house artists.

The original artwork in this space by EverGreene includes:

  • A celestial pattern on the sanctuary dome and inscription
  • A mural on the triumphal arch tympanum featuring Christ flanked by angels and 12 sheep, above the communion of saints and murals of St. Peter and St. Pius X in the style of mosaics
  • Medallions of the apostles on each clerestory bay and the transept received 12 lunettes featuring stags drinking from the waters of Christ
  • Stenciling, faux quoining and Petrine symbolism throughout the church