St. Turibius Chapel at the Pontifical College Josephinum

Columbus, OH

St. Turibius Chapel at the Josephinum Pontifical College was historically graced with a site-specific mural by Gerhard Lamers featuring Christ vested as high priest, surrounded by brilliant angels. There seems to have been significant water infiltration from the very beginning, and Lamers returned several times to touch up the mural. In the late 1980s, the mural was completely covered by battleship gray paint and discordant furnishings were added, causing the architectural elements to fall out of relationship with each other. Ultimately, this deprives worshipers, primarily seminarians, of a powerful visual invitation to contemplate the ministerial priesthood.

Architect Bill Heyer worked with the Josephinum to remedy systemic water problems, restore the sanctuary, and create harmonious liturgical furnishings.

EverGreene conservators undertook an investigation and analysis to uncover the historic artwork and palette to inform the creation of a new mural, evocative of Lamers’ original, yet inclusive of saints significant to the Josephinum. The new mural, executed on canvas in the manner of the original, was designed and painted in EverGreene’s Mural Studio. The renewed chapel was rededicated in April 2017.