Investigation, Testing & Analysis

Original materials, such as stone, wood, metal, mortar, plaster, and paint, used in a historic building or work of art contributes significantly to its visual authenticity and impact. To preserve original materials and finishes, which are often hidden by post-historic interventions, repairs, and renovations, it is important to reveal, identify and characterize them.

Investigation, testing, and analysis is always conducted with the goal to inform appropriate conservation treatments, restoration, and design decisions. Onsite probes and examinations conducted by our conservators, coupled with research tailored to each object of venue being investigated, establish the presence and condition of historic materials, ornament, finishes. Paint analysis reveals the historic color palettes, which have often changed over time.

By carefully analyzing the collected data and evidence, an understanding of the historic fabric of a building, a piece of art, or artifact, becomes clearer and may identify potential causes of deterioration. Based on the results found, our conservators recommend conservation treatments, for the most effective and appropriate materials and methodologies to mitigate further deterioration and damage, as well as to guide restoration and design.