Stainless Steel Spires Monument Re-Assessment—US Air Force Memorial—Private

Arlington, VA

The Air Force Memorial, dedicated in October 2006, requires ongoing maintenance and routine inspection. In 2011, we won a contract to perform the initial 5-year inspection of the Memorial spires. In 2016, we returned to re-inspect the three massive, curving stainless steel spires which make up the Memorial.

Our central role was to provide oversight for the assessment. We worked with a rope access firm to perform the inspection. Careful site protection and safety precautions were meticulously maintained throughout the evaluation process, and the work area was monitored to ensure public safely.

Comprehensive external and internal conditions assessment, ultrasonic testing, and dye penetrant testing were performed. As part of the project, the FAA beacon light atop one of the spires was replaced with a metal plate. The results of the assessment and analysis were presented in a detailed written report, which will form the basis of the future repair and maintenance recommendations.