Supreme Court Fountain Assessment

Washington, DC

EverGreene conservators were brought in by DLR Group along to perform a condition assessment of seven fountains at the United States Supreme Court. The fountains were installed during the construction of the building in 1932. All seven fountains are generally in sound condition; they remain substantially as built with no modifications to the structure or design.

We found damages to the historic marble fountain walls and copings, and the concrete basins; including cracks, chips, abrasion, disintegration, loss, deposits, stains, and previous repairs. Much of the mortar in the stone joints has failed as well has several areas of caulking and requires replacement. We documented existing conditions of the marble fountains, documented deterioration, determined causes wherever possible that led to the deterioration, and developed recommendations for treatments of the historic materials. The results of these assessments facilitated the formulation of a comprehensive scope of work for the restoration of the fountains.