Time and Temperature Building Finishes Study—Private

Portland, ME

The Time and Temperature Building was originally constructed in 1924 in Portland, Maine for the Chapman National Bank. Known as the Chapman Building, the 12-story structure was also built to house an indoor retail mall known as The Arcade on the lower floors, and tenant office spaces on the upper floors. The building was designed by Portland architect Herbert W. Rhodes, who also designed The Eastland Hotel in 1924 and the Congress Building (also known as the State Building) in 1929, both in Portland, Maine. Two stories were added to the Chapman building in 1962, along with a rooftop sign displaying the current time and temperature, from which the building gained its current nomenclature.

The Time and Temperature Building was renovated in 1977 and 1996, and in 1999 a new sign was installed on the roof. The building was listed with local significance as a contributor to the Congress Street Historic District in 2009. Currently, the property is under development as a luxury hotel.

EverGreene was hired by Fathom Companies to investigate interior plaster and painted finishes with the intent of supporting renovation efforts. EverGreene conservators completed conditions assessments in the main Chapman Banking Hall, Chapman Lobby, Arcade, and B.F. Keith Theater Lobby. Existing conditions were documented and supplemented by repair scopes for plaster and paint. Historic decorative schemes and colors were confirmed using exposure windows and microscopy on samples collected during the investigation. Following EverGreene’s work on site Fathom Companies was provided with a written report detailing current conditions, microscopy paint analysis, treatment recommendations, and annotated architectural drawings showing the conditions. EverGreene’s conditions assessment will be used to inform the future restoration scope of work for the second phase of the project.