Unitarian South Church

Nantucket, MA

EverGreene initially conduct a study to determine the causes for damage to the trompe l’oeil finishes and plaster failure and to recommend conservation treatments.  At that time, EverGreene re-gilded the exterior dome and weathervane. This project included the inspection and documentation of current conditions and the application of 23.5K double weight gold leaf.

EverGreene was also contracted for the implementation of decorative painting with the primary goal to restore the Church to its 1844 appearance (as designed by Carl Wendte) as accurately as possible. Existing overpaint was stripped to ensure a sound substrata for the subsequent trompe l’oeil. The pace of removal was meticulously controlled in order to re-move the paint in stages without removing the original trompe l’oeil designs. EverGreene designs then recreated the original designs using a classical chiaroscuro approach was employed using 5-6 color tones, highlights, cast shadow and a secondary reflected light shadow. Careful manipulation of values and contrast and the use of hard and soft edges created the illusion of three-dimensional forms.