USC University Park Sculptures

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

The USC University Park campus has a floating figure, an unpredictable fountain, a balancing sphere and a bench providing a moment of rest and contemplation. Untitled Four, a four-piece public sculpture project by Los Angeles-based artist Mark Lere.

A former faculty member at the USC Roski School of Fine Arts, was formally unveiled and dedicated to the public on November 2007. The floating figure called The Shroud, is a 12-foot tall bronze sculpture with a lighting element underneath, at night, it makes it appear as though it is gliding. The cone-shaped fountain surprises viewers with its sporadic bursts of water. The large, stainless steel sphere seems to defy gravity as it balances precariously on the lawn.

Our conservators worked with the University of Southern California to mobilize the sculptures from Lovine Young Hall to a new location in Bloom Walk. By pouring off the foundations and installation of new anchor pins, our team carefully removed the old concrete setting beds, stabilized the elements, rigged the structure, transported, and reset the Mark Lere sculptures Sphere, Inverted Cone, and The Bench.