Winter Garden Theatre

New York, NY

When the long-running musical Cats closed, the NYC-based Shubert Organization took the opportunity to restore the interior of the Winter Garden Theatre in Midtown Manhattan. This Federal Revival Style theater from 1911 needed significant restoration before its next Broadway show opened. Gaping holes in the ceiling and walls showed the significant damage the theater incurred over the years. The client and architect set aside pre-construction time for EverGreene artisans to prepare full-scale mock-ups of each element of ornamental plasterwork and decorative painting on site. This enabled aesthetic and practical decisions to be made in advance so that the job proceeded quickly later on.

EverGreene’s sculptural talents and plaster studio were called upon in the fabrication of plaster domes and numerous other classical features in the reconstruction. Our artisans worked in collaboration with the Shubert’s in-house crew on site, handling tasks such as framing and metalwork. EverGreene’s services included:

• Ornamental and flat plaster restoration

• Extensive replication of missing plasterwork

• Fabrication of new ornamental plasterwork designed for the lobby

• Decorative painting in all public spaces, including glazing, gilding and faux marble