Mark Rabinowitz Visiting Professor at Tulane

EverGreene is proud to announce that as of August 2023, national preservation leader Mark Rabinowitz, FAIC, FAAR, FAPT, has accepted a position as Interim Director of Historic Preservation and Christovich Visiting Professor of Historic Preservation at Tulane School of Architecture (TuSA.)

Mark brings decades of experience in the field, particularly in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean. He remains committed to EverGreene as a Principal Conservator.

“I am honored and excited to be joining the Tulane Historic Preservation Program and working with the students and faculty in New Orleans,” Mark says. “There is no better place to learn about the challenges of preserving the historic built environment. The value of that intimate connection with the past that Tulane offers is demonstrated in the quality of the graduates of the program.”

Mark has worked with the school since 2012 as an invited lecturer and an employer of Tulane graduates. The Historic Preservation students will receive excellent mentorship from Mark, who will also serve as a studio instructor and contribute his incredible hands-on experience in preservation.

Please join us in celebrating Mark’s commitment to leading a new chapter in the Historic Preservation Program at Tulane!