Wellness at Work

As the intersection of Earth Month and Stress Awareness Month, April is all about taking care of ourselves and coworkers in the spaces we call workplaces.

Luckily, being a steward of the Earth goes together with healthy habits that improve our overall daily wellness. As vaccines are rolling out across the country, many companies are making the shift to return employees back into the office. There are a variety of ways to ease your mind, protect your health, and ultimately make the transition less daunting. Improving your workplace environment and work week routine does not require extensive effort!

Give Yourself the Window ‘Treatment’: Simple actions such as opening the windows to permit better airflow can help reduce the spread of germs. Natural light can also brighten up your mood, so open the blinds and share the Spring sunlight! Eat lunch outside, if the opportunity arises, to fill up on Vitamin D.

Wear Reusable PPE: Be sure to continue wearing a mask to keep yourself and others safe. Consider investing in reusable masks to counter waste and protect the wildlife. Recent studies have begun to unearth the negative effects disposable PPE has had on our environment; volunteers for the Ocean Conservancy gathered about 107,220 pieces of PPE across 70 countries. 

Get Moving: Incorporating walks into your daily routine can boost your energy and improve your mental and physical health. Make time to treat yourself to a walk through a local park, here are a few we highly suggest. Beginning in 2013 as an effort to mitigate injury, we implemented a mandatory daily Stretch and Flex program – a series of stretches that our crews do daily at the beginning of their shifts around the country.

Plants = Happiness: Appreciate the beauty of your surroundings and perhaps you will be inspired to grow a plant on your desk or take time to notice the Spring blooms around your current worksite. Nurturing a plant and adding a natural element to your workspace will replenish your focus and increase productivity.

Hydrate: Drinking water is another small action that can sustain your health, but we encourage you to do it in a sustainable fashion. Especially when you are active and on-site, preventing dehydration can prevent unclear thinking, mood changes, and overheating. It is one of the easiest ways to stay healthy, but every day in the U.S., more than sixty million plastic water bottles are thrown away, filling up our landfills and littering our streets, parks, and waterways. Refillable water bottles help reduce this consistent waste.