Alabama Theatre

Birmingham, AL

Built in 1927, the iconic Alabama Theatre in Birmingham, Alabama was the largest venue in the Birmingham theater district, seating 2,500 people. It was originally built as a movie palace by the Paramount-Publix Corporation. Among the things it was best known for are its Mickey Mouse Club, formed there in 1933, and for being the home of the annual Miss Alabama Pageant. It was listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1979 and the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage in 1977. The Alabama features an ornate Mighty Wurlitzer organ, which was the reason the building was salvaged. The Alabama Chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society approached the property owners who were planning a parking lot where the Alabama stood and asked them if they could buy it. In 1987, they purchased the building, and saved the Mighty Wurlitzer.

In 1998, the Alabama sought out EverGreene’s help for a major, eight-months-long restoration. The scope of work included the conservation of historic plasterwork, decorative painting, and scagliola. EverGreene craftsmen performed extensive cleaning, removed the non‐original coating from marezzo scagliola columns, repaired and polished the surfaces to the original finish. Our staff did this all while the theatre remained open and operational.

Having been granted its remarkable historic look, one of Birmingham’s most remarkable landmarks hosts over 150 events each year attended by 150,000 Birmingham area citizens.