Allen County Courthouse

Fort Wayne, IN

The Allen County Courthouse is a Beaux-Arts style courthouse, designed by Brentwood C. Tolan. It has the largest and most varied ensemble of scagliola plaster in the nation. EverGreene’s team of scagliola and plaster restoration experts worked side by side with subcontractor Hayles & Howe to set new standards in the conservation, repair, and replication of ornamental and decorative plaster finishes.  This National Historic Landmark features 28 different kinds of scagliola covering over 15,000 square-feet. Restoration of polychromatic and decorative painting throughout the courthouse was also part of this project.

The Allen County Courthouse Trust also sought to recreate lost murals by Florian Piexotto depicting important military events in Indiana’s history. We were commissioned to replicate the original murals around the 160-foot-long perimeter using the same style, composition and color palette. A team of artists studied photographs of the original murals, painting techniques, colors in the extant murals, and costumes of the period. Elements of the composition had to be interpreted and redesigned. We prepared a comprehensive scaled layout, color maquette, and full-size mock-up for approval by the client prior to painting. The new murals convey drama through the expressions and gestures of figures and maintain the historical authenticity of the courtroom. The plaster and mural restoration were completed in time for the 2002 celebration of the building’s 100th anniversary.