Basilica Of The Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

Baltimore, MD

The Baltimore Basilica, considered Benjamin Henry Latrobe’s architectural masterpiece, is renowned as a forward-looking monument of Neoclassical style. During a two-year project in coordination with John G. Waite & Associates Architects, EverGreene was responsible for the restoration and historic conservation of plasterwork, painting, and ornamental decorations of the sanctuary, exterior stucco, and gilded crosses.

The crowning feature of the plaster restoration is the reconstruction of the Great Dome, using traditional materials of wood lath and lime plaster surround 24 skylights in the cupola. Plaster columns, capitals, rosettes, cornices and moldings were recreated to the original design. More than 10,000 square feet of three-coat plaster finish was applied to restore water-damaged areas, or to reconstruct design features. Decorative painting included trompe l’oeil ceiling coffers, stenciling at the altar, grisaille ornaments, and the gilding of the baldacchinos. In addition, two new murals were designed and implemented, and one mural was conserved when it was rediscovered buried under layers of old plaster.

EverGreene restored the exterior stucco,using expert care to ensure it was matched to the historic material, both in color and treatment.