Liturgical Artistry Programs

“In a certain sense, beauty is the visible form of the good, just as the good is the metaphysical condition of beauty.”
– Letter to Artists, 1999, Pope John Paul II

Ecclesiastical art and architecture have the power to invite prayer and deepen our understanding of the mysteries of faith. Truly inspiring liturgical artistry is the fruit of exceptional design and quality craftsmanship. Working closely with church leadership and drawing on historic precedent, we ensure proposed designs are liturgically correct and aesthetically balanced. Attention to integrity, harmony, and clarity in the design and creation of every detail results in sacred spaces that orient, elevate, and inspire.

Whether you hope to reinstate lost artwork, are designing an artistry program for an entirely new building, or looking to make a church that never was all that beautiful a fitting place for worship, we would love to work with you to develop a liturgical artistry program that resonates.

Our in-house design team creates beautiful designs, specific to the architecture of each building. The sacred space studio works collaboratively with client teams to establish the scope of work, budget, and implementation logistics.