Blessed Stanley Rother Shrine Chapel

Oklahoma City, OK

Blessed Stanley Rother is the first American Catholic priest to have been beatified and reach martyrdom. Raised in a small town outside Oklahoma city, and ordained in 1963, Father Rother’s life changed course forever on a mission based in Guatemala in 1968. It was there that he gave his life for his people and proved his deep faith during civil unrest.

As the final resting place of Blessed Stanley Rother, this shrine is intended to be a place of worship for pilgrims all over the world. EverGreene’s skilled artists and craftspeople developed the chapel into a beautiful space meant to connect pilgrims with the journey of Blessed Stanley Rother and ultimately feel closer to God.

The chapel altar contains the body of Blessed Stanley Rother (with the exception of his heart which is in the church where he was martyred). EverGreene designed and painted a mural of Christ welcoming Blessed stanley Rother to heaven. The lower walls are enrobed in rich patterning, trompe l’oeil and text. Each element is painted in soft blues, golds, and reds to compliment the shrine’s other liturgical elements appropriately. It has been an honor to develop the liturgical artistry program for the chapel with the team from the Blessed Stanley Rother Shine, the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City, Franck and Lohsen Architects, and Cooper Project Advisors.