Confederate Heroes Monument Assessment and Conservation—Private

Luray, VA

The Confederate Heroes Monument in the Town of Luray, Virginia was constructed in 1876. The monument is twenty-two feet in height and consists of a carved white marble plinth and statuary, serpentine marble plinth courses, gray limestone base, cast-stone rifle barrel, and metal rifle strap. The objective of this condition assessment was to review the monument’s previous maintenance history, document the present condition of the entire monument, make recommendations for the conservation of the monument, and provide a budgetary cost for the recommended work.

Prior to the commencement of any conservation treatment of the monument, it was recommended that a structural engineer be consulted to assess the degree to which the monument was leaning and whether this was related to original settling of the monument or a progressive condition.

Upon completion of the conditions assessment and verification that the monument was structurally stable, we were awarded the contract to perform the conservation treatment. Work included cleaning, removal of old fills, repair to damaged stones, resetting of select stones and repointing of the entire monument.