Dayton-Hudson Department Store—Private

Minneapolis, MN

The American department store Dayton’s was originally founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1902 by businessman and philanthropist George Draper Dayton. It quickly expanded to include several high end department stores in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest. In 1969, the store merged with Michigan department store chain Hudson’s, subsequently forming the Dayton-Hudson corporation. The company was so successful that they acquired Marshall Fields in the early 1990s to expand their market. Eventually, the Target division of the business grew so large that in 2000 the entire company was renamed the Target Corporation. In 2001, all Dayton-Hudson stores were rebranded as Marshall Fields.

EverGreene was contracted by Dayton-Hudson to embellish one of the Minneapolis stores. EverGreene created an original design for one of the main stairwell ceilings, which depicted mythical scenes derived from classical motifs in an art-deco inspired style. The designs were hand-painted with gilded accents on panels, which were then installed on the ceiling. EverGreene also created an original art-deco inspired design for their perfume department. The design was etched onto glass and then gilded from behind using gold, platinum, and silver leaf. The dark background was created by smoking the surface of the glass with a kerosene lamp.