Dickies Arena North Facade

Fort Worth, TX

EverGreene was contracted to create a custom mosaic for the North Facade on the brand new Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas celebrating the heritage and diversity of the state.

The building’s north façade features a triptych measuring 10’ tall x 108’ feet wide, portraying the roots and icons of Texas culture. The mural features over 600,000 colored glass tiles fabricated in Italy by Mellini and tells the story of the settlement of Texas by early pioneers and cowhands, amidst local flora and fauna and centered by the bright, shining star of Texas.

Diverse pioneering figures present an inclusive and true reflection of Texas culture and history, including a cowgirl, an African-American cowboy, a vaquero and a cowboy bearing a Lone Star flag, all mounted on horseback.

Designed in the Art Deco style to pay homage to the adjacent, historic and celebrated WPA-era Will Rogers Memorial Coliseum, Dickies Arena’s numerous architectural details depict the culture and flora of Fort Worth, including wildflowers etched in designs and native prairie grasses sculpted in metal inside the building.