Evermore Orlando Resort Mural

Orlando, FL

The Evermore Orlando Resort is a newly constructed resort in Orlando, Florida. It was built as a luxury vacation rental destination serving both those looking to escape to the beauty of Florida, as well as those visiting nearby Walt Disney World®, Disney Springs® and Universal Orlando Resort®. The structure was designed in a contemporary, almost minimalist style with an emphasis on sophistication and best-in-class amenities.

EverGreene was retained to create a new design, fabricate, and install two hand painted wall murals for the main lobby; the murals are 15′ high x 16′ wide, and 15′ high and 20′ wide respectively. The murals depict groups of majestic blue herons playfully interacting in an abstract water scene, which softly transitions into a blue-sky background. Each mural was accented using metallic painted elements, intended to catch the light, giving them a refined and graceful appearance.