Faena Hotel

Miami Beach, FL

The Faena Hotel, formerly the Saxony Hotel, purchased by the Faena Group and developed by Argentinian hotelier and cultural engineer Alan Faena, boasts sculptures by Damien Hirst and interiors designed by Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin. The hotel opened in 2015 and is located in Miami’s Faena Arts District.

The focal point of the lobby is a series of eight, 10 x 15’ murals designed by Argentine artist Juan Gatti. The murals, which combine mythology, religious and astrological iconography were hand-painted – with backgrounds and details executed in 23K gold leaf – in EverGreene’s New York studio, then shipped to Miami for installation. Upon entry to the hotel, guests arrive not through a traditional lobby, but rather a “Cathedral” lined with gold-leafed columns and adorned with vivid floor-to-ceiling murals twinged with gold leaf. EverGreene collaborated with Gatti throughout the entire process to ensure that his designs and vision were perfectly executed.

In addition to the murals, EverGreene’s team of artists and artisans gilded six, 19’ tall by 4’ diameter tulip-topped columns in the main lobby and 12,000 square feet of ceilings, domes, and ornament throughout the hotel’s public spaces, restaurants, bars, and theatre.