Grand Central Terminal

New York, NY

In 2020, EverGreene was contracted to restore the decorative plaster elements on the iconic ceiling of the Grand Central Terminal (GCT) Main Concourse. GCT opened to the public in February 1913. The Main Concourse ceiling features a gigantic celestial mural depicting twelve zodiac constellations. After the original full-scale restoration of the mural in 1996, the ceiling continued to experience some water damage and general degradation.

The walls at Grand Central are composed of molded plaster elements attached to a terra cotta substrate and made to resemble architectural Caen stone blocks. EverGreene performed a conditions assessment and was then hired to complete the faux Caen stone restoration, plaster restoration, and decorative painting on the areas surrounding the mural. Our scope included replacing damaged plaster panels, completing crack repairs, larger surface repairs and re-adhering delaminated panels. In addition to faux Caen stone repair work, additional plaster repairs and flat painting were completed on the West Balcony Ceiling Arch and above three clerestory windows of the Main Concourse. In areas of flat painting, thin decorative pin stripes were recreated based on the existing historical layout to mimic the appearance of joint lines of an Ashlar block pattern. This project was completed in 2021.