Greenwich Village Apartment

New York, NY

For the renovation of this Greenwich Village apartment, EverGreene worked closely with interior designer Fawn Galli to transform the space into a unique, custom-designed home. Inspired by a classically French aesthetic and patterns inspired by the client’s own fashion line, EverGreene artists designed, sculpted, cast and installed intricate plaster ornament and finishes for virtually every room in the apartment.

The dining room ceiling is accented by an elaborate medallion surrounding the very contemporary chrome chandelier. The medallion, an intricate design featuring vines, leaves and lions’ heads, measures 34” in diameter.  In the living room, a sophisticated white-on-white scheme includes subtle moldings on the walls and ceiling that transform the space from flat to multi-dimensional and textured.  The ornamental plaster in the dressing room is both lavish and delicate; tiny flowers and sinuous vines unfurl around the ceiling border, complementing the floral wallpapered accent wall. The plaster design on the guest bedroom ceiling—a Moorish pattern, markedly different to the curvilinear ornament in the rest of the apartment—is inspired directly by the client’s own design collection.