Jacksonville Public Art Assessment—Private

Jacksonville, FL

Our conservators were brought in by the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville to perform a survey and conditions assessment of twenty-two
(22) public artworks under the purview of the City Council. Date from the late 1890s to the early 2000s, this public artworks collection situated in downtown Jacksonville and the surrounding area and range in style, size, and material. The collection includes memorials, mosaics, wall murals, sculpture, integrated seating, and an archway.

The goal of the survey was to assess the object’s conditions and to establish a treatment priority list along with treatment recommendations and cost estimates that support planning for the conservation of the public artworks. The assessment allowed for a thorough examination of the artworks to ascertain if the treatment recommendations made in an earlier assessment are still applicable and/or if there are other or additional recommendations to be made. Changes in conditions between the earlier assessment and 2019, which warrant an update in treatment and pricing, are included in the most recent scope of Treatment Recommendations and Cost Estimate. Where there is color incorporated into the artwork, such as a painted surface or plastic material, that color has often faded. In order to properly address treatment for pieces where color has been altered, our conservation work intends to communicate with the artist(s) of the work via The City Council to learn of their original intent for the color of the piece.