Jim Sanborn Sculpture "Pyramids"

Winston-Salem, NC

The work titled Pyramids is a sandstone sculpture created by the contemporary artist Jim Sanborn in the early 1990s. It is composed of three stone forms consisting of two pyramids and one assembly of three upright forms. It was installed on the property of the previous owner for almost 30 years until the Southeast Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA) acquired the work in 2021. The work was disassembled in March 2021 and relocated to the museum grounds at 750 Marguerite Drive in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

EverGreene was contracted by SECCA to develop conservation plans and budgets for the restoration of Pyramids. The project goals were to assess and document the condition of individual stones and their current state of disassembly and provide recommendations and cost estimates for restoration and reinstallation of the sculpture in a new location at the museum.