King Street Station

Seattle, WA

The King Street Station interior decorative scheme was completed in 1906 by Reed and Stem and over the decades have been slowly obscured by post‐historic renovations. EverGreene furnished all labor, material, and equipment for the removal, cataloging, refurbishing, and reinstallation of historical ornate plaster.

EverGreene plaster craftsmen began by carefully removing and cataloging each historic plaster piece. The craftsmen then made molds of the historic ornament on-site, and sculpted new ones where plaster damage was too extensive to salvage.

Piece by piece, EverGreene re-created every plaster ornament and staged the pieces in queue for the re-installation phase to minimize as time as much as possible. When Sellen finished the retrofit, EverGreene took over and began re-attaching the ornament and patching them together with historic pieces for a seamless effect. The entire interior was then painted a historically accurate hi-gloss white.