A Train Ride Across America

Since EverGreene’s first train station restoration in 1995, our team continues to work on preserving America’s historic passenger train stations. Railroads stimulated economic growth and technological innovation for much of the 19th and 20th centuries, and in many communities stations remain the most important and prominent buildings.

Join us on a train ride across the country and explore our railroad station portfolio.

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  • Often stations were named Union Station, as an indication of the different lines met up—we feature five (5) of them on our  map
  • Seven (7) stations are designed in beaux-arts architecture style, which heavily influenced the architecture of the United States between 1880 to 1920
  • Five (5) are award-winning stations
  • Ten (10) are on the National Register of Historic Places, and four of those are further designated as National Historic Landmarks
  • Five (5) are adaptive reuse projects; now functioning as museums, theaters, offices, and even a cocktail bar

“The station was a gateway to transport. It was a jumping-off point and the place of arrival. It was an emotional focal point, where many people saw a city for the first time or hugged a loved one before they traveled afar or upon arrival after years away.”

—Brian Solomon, Author of Railway Depots, Stations, and Terminals