Latter Day Saints Salt Lake Temple-NDA—Private

Salt Lake City, Utah

The Salt Lake Temple was constructed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and dedicated in 1893. It is a stone edifice containing Gothic and Romanesque elements.

Plaster Investigation: In 2018, EverGreene conducted limited survey and analysis of historic interior plaster in the Salt Lake Temple. Laboratory analysis of plaster samples was carried out by Highbridge Materials Consulting, Inc. of Pleasantville, NY. The results of the investigation and analysis were used to develop appropriate repair methods for historic plaster.

Plaster and Paint (2019): EverGreene carried out interior plaster survey and finishes investigations, with the objective of supporting upcoming renovations, including seismic stabilization and redecoration of interior spaces, beginning in 2020. Plaster was surveyed and sounded, with observed deterioration documented on architectural drawings. EverGreene identified original paint colors and decorative schemes in several rooms including the Celestial Room, Terrestrial Room, Grand Hall, and Baptistry.