Stone & Metal Maintenance Manual

U.S. Capitol Building, Washington, DC

EverGreene was contracted by the Architect of the Capitol (AOC) to update and revise the maintenance manual for the U.S. Capitol Building and adjacent architectural features, originally authored by Oehrlein and Associates in 2010. The manual guides care, protection, and maintenance protocols for the preservation of the current state of the Capitol’s historic and metal fabric.

Maintenance refers to actions undertaken to prolong the life of materials, and tends to encompass remedial repairs that have preventive function. Due to the historic nature of the Capitol Building, repairs need to be visually appropriate to retain character- defining features and physically compatible to minimize loss and damage of historic materials. The repairs as well as maintenance procedures, informed by the research of preservation and conservation professionals, are not to be harmful to historic materials.

EverGreene’s up-to-date manual will be a resource for the AOC maintenance staff, guiding periodic inspections and maintenance activities to minimize future deterioration and to preserve specifically stone and metal features at the U.S. Capitol.