Marymoor Park Wooden Sculptures

Redmond, Washington

EverGreene was contracted by King County Parks for the treatment of a collection of five (5) outdoor redwood and red cedar sculptures created by the artist Dudley Carter between 1935 and 1979, currently located at Marymoor Park in Redmond, WA. The purpose of the project was to carry out remedial and preventive conservation treatments to the sculptures, and to install them on outdoor display locations. EverGreene conservators performed an initial assessment on September 12, 2018, followed by conservation and installation work occurring between September 12 and November 21, 2018.

Conservation treatments and/or display installation was conducted for the sculptures Wek’Wek and Holumeyumko, Condor, Two Thunderbirds, and Owl Post. Generally, the treatments consisted of cleaning, replacement of failed fills and fasteners, and the application of protective oil coatings. At Wek’Wek and Holumeyumko, a new roof structure was added to shed water from the top of the sculpture. Steel and concrete mounts were fabricated and used in the installation of Condor, Two Thunderbirds, and Owl Post in outdoor display locations.