McKinley Monument

Buffalo, NY

The McKinley Monument was designed by Carrere & Hastings and erected in Buffalo, New York in 1907. It commemorates the murder of President McKinley who was shot during the dedication of the Pan-American Exposition there in 1901. The monument consists of an obelisk in white marble that rests on a pedestal with inscriptions. There are lions by A. Phiminster Proctor at the corners and basins with fountains below. A paving with decorative bands, balustrades and bollards defines the area around.

To assist in the planned restoration of the monument we were engaged by the architect to review previous assessments, inspect the current conditions of the monument and make recommendations for treatment. Work was performed in  2015. The monument was inspected, previous studies reviewed and a new set of recommendations developed based on current best practice for marble conservation. The recommendations were incorporated into the restoration plans which were carried out in 2016.