Mississippi County Courthouse

Blytheville, AR

In 1919, the architectural firm Selligman and Ellesvard designed a Colonial Revival-style courthouse for Mississippi County. In 1996, the building was added to the National Register of Historic Places, and in 2019, the Courthouse moved forward with a renovation project–a rehabilitation and new addition. While most of the old courthouse will be gutted, they intend to preserve and improve public spaces such as the large courtroom and marble lobby.

EverGreene created the decorative artwork and finishes for the ceiling and walls at the Mississippi County Courthouse. We designed and painted decorative elements for the ceiling beam faces, ceiling panel borders, and the center of the panels with a central rosette and surrounding cartouches. The wall design included decorative borders around the acoustic wall panels with hand-painted symbols on the circular panels above. Decorative painted finishes and gold highlights line the sides of the beams.

Using high-resolution printing and hand-painting, we produced all of the artwork in our Brooklyn studio.  Our process included photographing the art, composing it on the computer, and printing it onto canvas.  A total of five circular wall symbols were painted in the studio on canvas. Once the artwork was completed, it was then shipped to the courthouse and installed by our craftsmen to seamlessly integrate into the architecture.