Oregon State Capitol

Salem, OR

The Oregon State Capitol is located in Salem, OR. The first state capitol was built in 1854, the second in 1873, and the third and current iteration was built in 1936. It was designed by Trowbridge and Livingston, a New York architectural firm, in association with Francis Keally.

EverGreene was contracted by the Oregon State Capitol to provide an inventory and assessment of the art and artistic finishes integrated into and around the Capitol. EverGreene carried out an on-site investigation to summarize and inventory/assess the following items: 1) the two Leo Friedlander marble monuments located at the main entrance stairs of the Capitol; 2) the gilded Pioneer statue atop the Capitol dome; 3) the main Capitol entrance revolving doors and associated bronze surrounds; and 4) the replica Liberty Bell located on the exterior plaza.

Additionally, EverGreene inspected other decorative metals inside the building; the decorative painted finishes surrounding the murals in the Rotunda and Chambers, and areas of potential decorative finishes from the ceilings in the Governor’s suite and some of the public corridors. Paint analysis was performed and documented in the Interior Finishes Investigation section of this report.

Collaboration with Up Down Drone allowed our team to view the hard to reach pioneer statue situated on the very top of the dome and take 360 video to assist with a thorough assessment of the gilding conditions.