The Plaza Theater

El Paso, TX

Built in 1930 and closed in 1987, the breathtaking Plaza Theater, designed by W. Scott Dunne, was restored with help from EverGreene in 2006 and is once again open to the public. Typical of an atmospheric theater, the walls of the auditorium imitate medieval buildings, and the ceiling resembles the night sky, with hundreds of lights installed to mimic stars.

Water damage, years of wear and tear, damaging maintenance and over-painting had left the atmospheric interior in dire need of restoration. After conducting a historic finishes investigation and plaster survey, EverGreene restored historic ornamental plaster, repaired and patched water-damaged plaster, integrated new electrical and mechanical work into the plaster, and conserved and replicated decorative painting in high traffic areas. A full mural conservation was executed, including cleaning, surface refinishing, and inpainting areas of loss.