Rough Point Solarium

Newport, RI

Rough Point mansion was originally build for Frederick Vanderbilt and later became the home of Doris Duke. The Solarium at Rough Point extends to the south of the house and has commanding views to the east, south, and west. The bronze doors are original to the Duke family modifications to the house and together with the masonry columns, walls, and interior finishes define the character of the room.

The nine bronze doors and surrounds had survived more than 90 years, numerous storms and hurricanes. Each opening holds a double set of doors framed with matching sidelights and fanlight above. The goal of the assessment was to understand the materials, means of construction, modifications, deterioration, and other observed conditions. A senior conservator at we performed a comprehensive assessment of the conditions and systematically reviewed the structural integrity, surrounding stonework, functional hardware, glazing, bronze framing, bronze surface, and weatherproofing. Detailed treatment recommendations were gathered and provided to the client for all areas, including bronze and masonry, as well as photographic documentation and research.