Santa Barbara County Courthouse Main Arch Cleaning

Santa Barbara, CA

EverGreene was retained by the Santa Barbara Courthouse Legacy Foundation (CLF) to perform cleaning of the sandstone masonry of the Main Arch of the Santa Barbara County Courthouse, a 1929 Spanish Revival complex that was recognized as a National Historic Landmark in 2005. The purpose of the cleaning was to remove a post-historic, blanched coating on stone surfaces of the Main Arch, also known as the Great Arch. EverGreene carried out field work in September and October of 2020.

Cleaning of surface soiling and biological growth was accomplished using hot water under low pressure, in conjunction with a quaternary ammonium-based biocide. Pressurized CO2 (dry ice) cleaning was used in conjunction with solvent removal and localized micro air abrasion to successfully remove the failed coating from the Main Arch. EverGreene is also providing consultation services for masonry restoration at the Main Arch, including stone repair, repointing, and consolidation.

Now that the Main Arch has been cleaned, annual aqueous cleaning should continue to minimize accumulations of soiling, deposits, and biological growth. Fountain water circulation and purification systems should be modified to prevent further deterioration to the sculpted figures. Future restoration work should address waterproofing issues associated with stone cracks and failed mortar joints, as well as existing erosion and loss of ornamental stone features.