St. Bart's Preschool

New York, NY

St. Bartholomew’s Church, also known as St. Bart’s, was built in 1916 and designed by Bertram Goodhue. It was commissioned as a landmark by the New York Landmarks Preservation Commission in 1967 and in 2016 also became a National Historic Landmark. St. Bart’s Community Preschool has a state-of-the-art facility for children located on 50th Street, between Lexington Avenue and Park Avenue. Equipped with a full gymnasium, stadium seating library, heated pool, roof-top playground and onsite cathedral.

EverGreene’s conservators collaborated with St. Bart’s Preschool in May of 2019 to remove the hand painted tiles from the East and West walls within the 50th Street entrance to the St. Bart’s Preschool.

Our team completed  a thorough photo documentation and cataloguing system of the tiles for inventory purposes, conservation tests on a small portion of the tiles, and were responsible for the removal of grout and mortar from the reverse of the tiles so they can be reinstalled.

The tiles were packed carefully, transported to and from the EverGreene Brooklyn-based conservation lab to remove the mortar from the reverse. Tiles were then successfully returned to St. Bart’s Preschool once they were cleaned. The cleaned tiles were packed in foam and placed in a custom made wooden crate and returned to the school for storage.