St. Isidore Catholic Student Center

Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS
An overflowing chapel is a happy reason to have to build a new one! K-State’s emphasis on Agricultural Studies makes Saint Isidore, the Spanish farmer, the inspiration to choose a patron saint. While the spirit of the Catholic Student Center was vibrant, the previous chapel of StIsidore was far from inspiring. Fr. Gale Hammerschmidt and a committee comprised of students and parishioners commissioned Clark Architects Collaborative 3 to design a chapel that would stand out for its beauty. 
EverGreene was invited to join the team early in the process to create a liturgical artistry program and develop a color palette. Working closely with the architectural team, committee, BHS Construction, and Pedrini sculptors, our design team created historically informed original artwork and decorative finishes, including faux bois on the ceiling beams, marbleizing on the baldacchino and side altars, patterning throughout, a starry ceiling, trinitarian murals and angels in the sanctuary. The new chapel at Kansas State University‘s Catholic Student Center leads the conversation about faith with beauty.