Tampa Theatre

Tampa, FL

The Tampa Theatre was designed as an atmospheric theater style movie palace by architect John Eberson, which opened its doors on October 15, 1926. It is considered to be one of the most intact original Eberson Theater.  EverGreene collaborated with the DLR Group to conduct a paint analysis to determine the original finishes. During the initial phase, EverGreene restored the lobby, lounges, auditorium and concession area.

The EverGreene team brought their encyclopedic knowledge of having worked on over twelve Eberson theaters and reinstated Eberson’s signature decorative style, polychroming, and elaborate stenciling. Using historic archival photographs,  EverGreene recreated and painted the elaborate auditorium valance drape.

EverGreene recreated six faux tapestries that were original to the theater’s lobby, which were severely damaged. The scope also included the conservation of statues, plaster work and decorative painting.