Atmospheric Theaters

Atmospheric Theaters, made popular by architect John Eberson in the 1920s, featured interiors that mimicked European cities, places most Americans would never have the chance to visit and experience. Ceilings reflected the sky and projections of stars or clouds would move overhead, contributing to a magical movie experience. Fortunately, many of these beautiful theaters still operate as entertainment venues today, continuing to make patrons feel as if they in exotic, outdoor locales.

Over the past more than 40 years, EverGreene has revitalized these unique performing art venues and experiences by restoring architectural elements, ornamentation, and decorative painting to pristine condition.

Our portfolio includes atmospheric theaters ranging from sprawling, elaborate auditoriums to quaint playhouses, and many examples designed by iconic atmospheric architect John Eberson, specifically the Akron Civic Theatre, The Olympia Theatre, The Carpenter Theatre, and The Tampa Theatre. Our experience and understanding of atmospheric design and how every detail of these intricate spaces is a part of the overall show, allows us to provide an unmatched expertise.

Although John Eberson is the most well-known atmospheric theater designer, EverGreene also had the pleasure of restoring the Holland Theatre in Bellefontaine, OH—the only known Atmospheric theater to represent a Dutch village.