Concrete Tetrahedron Beach Obstacle

National Museum of the U.S. Army, Fort Belvoir, VA

We were contracted to conserve a number of military relics for the National Museum of the US Army. Among them is a World War II concrete tetrahedron beach obstacle, used to resist amphibious landings like D-Day in Normandy. The goal of the treatment was to stabilize the areas of material loss and ferrous corrosion using means and methods that minimized visual impact and ensured the longest lasting preservation.

Treatment involved the removal of existing soiling and corrosion, as well as the stabilization of the surface. The tetrahedron was cleaned using a non-ionic detergent, rinsed, and allowed to dry. Areas of exposed, corroding steel were coated with a rust conversion solution, rinsed, dried, and treated with a corrosion inhibitor. Cracks and unstable cement areas were consolidated.

Upon completion of the project, a full report of all treatment steps along with photographic documentation was submitted to the client.